Sunday, 11 November 2007

Winter Clothes

I was out yesterday for an onsite meeting at Moston Brook yesterday - it was damp and ciully so I went prepared with gloves, hat, scarf and boots. I've been looking for some wellies for ages but haven't found any I like. I have to admit to not looking very hard, but I know when I see the right ones I'll gety them.
There was a lady there with an amazing pair of wellies she'd picked up in New York recently for $5 in Macy's sale. They were patterned with some pinky colours on and looked very unusual.

Of course there were lots of normal colours like green and black but I couldn't help but think that wellies can be something quite special. Apparently the woman's daughter was horrified she was buying them as they were a bit loud!

I liked them anyway - I thought it made a change and I've just looked online and spotted some lovely pink wellies!
I wonder why no one does wellies with a paint kit so you can personalise them yourself?

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All the clothes said...

You can buy wellies at Marks and Spencers and they have a gift set at the moment

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