Thursday, 8 November 2007

Dorothy Perkins Best sellers this week

cable tunic

Price: £28
This is a lovely looking dress which would suit being worn over jeans or leggings. It'll look nice with a sparkly cardigan or a jacket.

band motif tee

Price: £8

This is a funky retro style t-shirt. Will look good with jeans, leggings or a skirt!

straight leg jean

Price: £15
Everyone should have at least one pair of grey jeans. These look good with all your tops! Grey straight leg jeans. Available in 30" short, 32" regular and 34" long leg lengths

belted pencil skirt

Price: £20
This'll look smart at work or out and about when you're having a night out!

double breasted coat

Price: £40

Nice colour (Purple's one of my favourites you know) rounded colour, largish buttons (But definately not Kirsty Alsop huge!) A pretty stylish jacket you'd be able to wear with those grey jeans or even the skirt!

large button bag

Price: £22
Well you'll need a new bag if you're buying a new jacket won't you?

chunky heel shoes

Price: £20

Avilable in sizes 3-8 - nice shoes!

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