Wednesday, 4 February 2009

How to stay ahead in the ever changing world of fashion

How do you keep in touch with the ever changing world of fashion?
It's possible to read every magazine, visit every cat walk show and be right at the cutting edge of fashion. It's generally only fashion editors for magazines who've got the time and energy (and job description) for this sort of dedication.

If you want to be ahead of the game and find out what's hot in the world of fashion you have two choices. One - you get a job as a fashion editor for a hugely glamourous magazine or two - you visit a website that tells you what's new out in the world of fashion! One of these is very tricky and there's a long waiting list of people ahead of you - and the second option is easy. All the Clothes has just launched it's fashion news section. This will keep you up to date with all the new items from loads of great shops. They scour the what's new lists, visit the top fashion sites they know you love and bring you everything you need to be wearing cutting edge fashion.

Even visiting the cat walk shows doesn't guarantee you being able to buy what's being shown. Many companies take their leads from the big fashion shows at Paris and London and design their new ranges round the themes and colours of the cat walk fashion.

For some sections of fashion - like underwear, new technologies really help widen the range available. Machine embroidery means bras can be prettier than ever before. For some clothing a return to hand embroidery has been important and has bought about some really pretty changes to the higih street fashion. Fashions change - you only have to look at how fur was popular many years ago, and was reviled with a passion and then briefly made a come back. Trends change constantly. Visiting a high street store every day and looking for what they've put out that day could be a thankless task!

Fashion seems to constantly change. What's trendy one week can be old fashioned the next! Some fashion seems more prone to fading quickly - anything that's really unusual will be more likely to be out-moded very easily. Plainer clothes are likely to be wearable longer, but sometimes new cutting edge styles stay and change a little with the times. When items are flexible to change, can be made from different fabrics, and even worn by different age groups then an item will be long lasting. Think of the classic suit style that chanel made - think Marge Simpson's suit if you must! That's a stylish classic item as wearable today as when it was introduced. But do you want to be wearing the same thing every day? Even Marg had to make changes to her suit to make it look new and interesting. With a world of throw away fashion creating new items so cheaply it is possibly to buy something new every week or even every day!

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