Thursday, 8 January 2009

Red underwear

It might have been seen in the past as quite shocking to wear red underwear, but these days it's a popular colour for sexy underwear and everyday undies too! If you're after a smart new very fashionable bra then you'll find loads of them at BeCheeky and we thought it'd be interesting to see a top ten of the red bras available. We've picked the ones we like best

Most people will have black and white bras in their wardrobe, but how often do you buy something coloured and bold? Probably not that often - but you should. There's a huge range of different colours available and they're so pretty you can afford to let them show a little!
BeCheeky is a good online bra shop. It's got plenty of great priced underwear ideas and a massive range of bras.
And on all orders over £50 they have free delivery and free returns.

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